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Prime Sweeper Version 2 allows for 3 sizes and 3 difficulty levels, so if prime numbers are clicked too often the game will end.

Plans for future modifications include tips, hints, and random placement of numbers.

Parts of this game and the original Prime Sieve that I created will be tutorial levels for a Match 3 type game. This idea came from some of the wonderful people I finally met in person at the Innovations in e-Learning Symposium. They also triggered a lot of other ideas, some of which I will ‘talk’ about when I get a chance to organize all my thoughts from that wonderful meeting of the minds.

Currently my Games & Higher Ed page is where I host my work and research. I welcome any comments!

Games & Higher Ed


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Link to my first good version of Prime Sweeper, I adapted my Prime Sieve to make it more fun. You can find Prime Sieve on my Math Flash Pages. http://www.ramshillfarm.com/Math/GamesHigherEd/PrimeSweeper/PrimeSweeper1.html

I have plans on changes to this, and they really shouldn’t be bad to make it so that it can be a larger and harder game. One of the upcoming changes ends the game if you click on too many primes.

I also think it wouldn’t be too bad to adapt it to other topics where you want to attack or not certain types of things.


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I finally got most of my materials posted on my website for my presentation in 1.5 weeks.


I hope I will have the time & the energy in that time to do more work on my prime sieve and another game or at least a start of one.

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