Link to my first good version of Prime Sweeper, I adapted my Prime Sieve to make it more fun. You can find Prime Sieve on my Math Flash Pages. http://www.ramshillfarm.com/Math/GamesHigherEd/PrimeSweeper/PrimeSweeper1.html

I have plans on changes to this, and they really shouldn’t be bad to make it so that it can be a larger and harder game. One of the upcoming changes ends the game if you click on too many primes.

I also think it wouldn’t be too bad to adapt it to other topics where you want to attack or not certain types of things.



Angie had twins today 4/10/10, one brown & one white. They all seem to be doing well. We will check gender & other things tomorrow when everyone is up to it.

The proud father(Brownie) & doting aunt(Cassie) have been checking on them too.

Looks like the rams were away from the girls long enough this fall. Lambs didn’t start arriving until March this year, after the worst of the snows of February have melted.

Today, Saturday March 6, 2010, we got a chance to tag the lambs that came in this week. We have 3 girls & 7 boys in the first week!

I forgot to take pictures while tagging, but I did get a couple after we were done.

We also found a pretty cool snake skin in an uninhabited part of the barn. It still had the ‘head’.

Snow on the Farm

Not sure how much will be done today, spent over an our shoveling our 13′ covered back porch & our 6′ sidewalk. I didn’t bother trying to get to the tractor that will be doing the driveway later.

We currently have over 22 inches, too tall for my daughters to go through without me breaking trail first, though our dog did try to lead, but only his head come above the snow.

I dug out the water pail for the goats, but I doubt they will be going to it before it stops.

As we all know there have been a lot of changes especially in the past few years. When we compare what we remember from childhood to the way things are now, in some ways I am very happy about these changes.

Except through history books and ramblings by us older folks, my daughters will not see things I had to grow up with.

I remember:

· being the only girl at the Library’s D&D tournament when I was 14.

· being the only person in the class who knew how to use the two computers in the school.

· being the token girl on the math team and in the computer club, but contributing more than some of the guys.

· classmates not expected to ‘get math’ because they were girls, for some reason I was not grouped with them.

· going to comic or SF cons and there being very few females, and they could easily be categorized: not attractive, for show only, and if the third group actually made it attractive but too shy or uncomfortable in the crowd. Not that I went to many of them being in the third group.

· Math only being a very dry subject whose ‘teachers’ where not creative in any field

· “Those who can do, those who can’t teach” which boiled down to “those who can’t teach, do go into teaching”

I am so glad that I now see, at least though connections online:

· excellent math educators who are undoing the damages of the previous generations, both with the children of today but also those who ‘were damaged’

· whole sites dedicated to women in …

· excellent women game developers, not just ‘designers’

· and of course, those women who manage to combine these three

· very creative ways of teaching all the wonderful and fun topics in Mathematics

· “Those who can teach, DO”

I may still be in the ‘too shy for my own good’ group, but I am working on it. OF course, with a very full plate it goes very slowly. My wonderful daughters take a lot of time since they are not in all day school, and the farm that is its own pleasure distracts me from technology or at least gives me a break.

I know many people are asking for donations at this time, and I didn’t really want to do this, but…

Due to bad politics at the church my daughter’s preschool was located, the teachers had to move, and many of us parents decided that the teachers made the class not the building. Another local church kindly took us in, but many items of course did not move and need to be replaced.

We have donated many things, but there are still things the preschool needs. To help with that one of the moms who is a Just Jewelry consultant is hosting a fundraiser for them. Specifically they are looking to purchase enough sturdy children’s chairs since the church did not have as many as needed for all the students.

The school will get 40% of the purchase price from the sales.

If you would like to make a purchase for the fundraiser, check out the website, jmiller

If you would like to place an order please email me, and we can discuss how to get me the money & your order to you.

The school can also use books and crafts appropriate for the 3 – 4 year old students. If you would like to help in any way, please contact me and I can get you the teacher’s contact information.

Please pass this information to other people you think may be interested, the jewelry is $10 – $20 and is nice.

Oh, I should mention the deadline is January 29th! So please contact me ASAP so I can get everything together to get turned in.

I finally got most of my materials posted on my website for my presentation in 1.5 weeks.


I hope I will have the time & the energy in that time to do more work on my prime sieve and another game or at least a start of one.