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Wow, has it really been two years since I got a chance to post on here?

I am going to try to post every 2 weeks on one of my favorite topics. It could be anything from gaming, education, farming, crafting, the For Every Home products I love & sell, or any sort of combinations of the above.

This time will be a shameless plug.

March is National Craft Month (along with a lot of other interesting things), so for all of you who aren’t really crafty, here is your chance. For Every Home has a select group of products that you can personalize, and so if you contact me through my Facebook page, I will give you 10% off your order subtotal if you place an order including one (or more) personalized items.
This week in the class we are working with Sets, so I thought I would have a little fun with this & combine the Personalization options with topics from our unit on Sets.

Product Options = P = {11oz Soy+ candle, 14oz OAM Gel, 16oz OAM Spray}

Scent Options = S = {Bamboo Teak, Cinnavanilla, Exist, Green Apple, Strawberry, Stressless, Sugar Cookie}

Since there are two sets, P & S, you can easily make a Cartesian product out of these. Just pair up each item from each set, for example (Candle, Exist) would be one of the pairs.

One question you might have is: how many pairs would this give you? (or how many different products are there really?)

There are a few ways to do this, we could list each one and hope we don’t forget any or we can think a little harder.

For the candle we have 7 scent options, we also have 7 scent options for the gel & the same for the spray.

Now we have 3 product options for each of the scents, but we already listed those in the product selection, so we can skip these.

One more definition needed is the cardinal number, we use n(set name) for the number of items in the set, which for P we have, n(P) = 3.

So we have 3×7 options, but wait, Cartesian Product is written as PXS, so the number of items in the product is n(PXS) = n(P)xn(S). So we have 21 different choices for the personalized products!


For personalizing these items, you can use a picture or other design that is at least 3”x3” and at least 300dpi.

You can also include words, 20 characters for the top line & 30 for the bottom, this includes spaces. So we could write this in set builder notation, but then we are just getting silly.

I have other wonderful specials on my Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/FEHproductsFromTamara


Below are the pages from the catalog regarding the Personalized Products, and some information about SoyPlus & OAM

Catalog_2013_FINAL_Page_51 Catalog_2013_FINAL_Page_03Catalog_2013_FINAL_Page_40

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