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I have always heard that kids don’t like school, learning, reading, doing math, etc.

For the life of my I could never figure why not, I always did. My family always did, my husband’s family too. What makes us different?

From what I can tell it is the way we do things. Books and learning have always been a part of the home no matter my age. We were always read to when we were little, we explored things to see how they worked. We experimented with little things around the house. We had chemistry class regularly in the kitchen with certain recipes for dinner. My mother received a phone call from my kindergarten teachers complaining that I was teaching myself take away.

I am now a mother, my little ones are always bringing me books, exploring ideas. My 5 year old has understood the mathematical concept of take away for several months, and not just because toys get taken away, she can do it with numbers.

Kids love to learn and explore, it is important to help them continue to do it. As a parent you also teach your children by showing that you enjoy to do these things too. If you are in school, don’t ever complain about it in front of them. Children learn everything from us, good or bad.

Still working on picking up toys, but it’s getting there.

I still remember a situation from a while ago, I was working in a comic book store. A father would bring his son in regularly. One time the father complained about his son spending all of his money in the store buying comic books. I reminded him, “At least he is reading, and he isn’t spending his money on other things.” The father left very happy his son spent his money on comic books and not the other things teenagers sometimes spend their money on.


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