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The first ‘canned’ software that I used for creating games in class, creates the Flash game for you. You just pick the game type, and put in your multiple choice questions. This is great for what it is. It definitely makes basic quizzes a lot less ‘blah’.

I haven’t had a chance to use the newer version yet, but the older version of Quiz Game Master from Mike Capstick, http://www.cybertrain.info/ did have some drawbacks for me. They probably have fixed the not working in Vista issue in the latest version, but I doubt they have included other than plain text for the multiple choice. For most educational fields this isn’t an issue, but when you are using it for math it can be a drawback.

There is a version that is free for use online, but the paid for version has a lot more ‘fun’ stuff. Yes, it is geared more towards k – 12, but many of my students found it a little more fun than the basic vocab Q&A.


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