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Okay, so I have always been a gamer, started with text based games on the vic 20. And I have been tutoring Math since the 8th grade. Now that I think I finally have the right tools, I am working on putting these two great things together.

I have had ideas for books and comic books about a fun way to experience the learning of math for a long time, but it just never wrote up well. Getting my degree, I had to take a bunch of formal programming courses, since the self taught stuff got outdated before I even got out of High School. I found out that the formal classes were outdated when I took them too, but that is another issue.

A couple of years ago, I found out that Flash might be right for some of the animated presentations that I wanted to do. So being the self-teacher that I am, I downloaded the demo & played around. I got a couple of stage based things, but they were what I really wanted to do with it. I wanted interactivity. Luckily, as the demo ran out of time, I found a Workshop on Flash & Math. The presenters of that workshop have a great site, by the way, called of course FlashandMath.com.

After that workshop, I was driven. However, small children and dirty diapers can keep even me from doing many of the things I want to do.

Well, one is out of diapers, and the other one is close. I have been slowly reading articles and books, playing with some stuff, and hope to be getting some good stuff out there in the next few months.


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Hello world!

Finally decided to start a blog, since I have been having a hard time keeping my website up to date. We’ll see what happens.


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